adorini cigar & pipe rest leather keychain

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While other manufacturers are busy trying to out-gimmick one another, adorini continues to develop innovative products that help cigar and pipe enthusiasts to improve the quality of their smoking experience. Nowhere is this more evident than with adorini’s wonderfully simple solution for the pipe and cigar smoker on the go: the adorini Cigar & Pipe Rest Leather Keychain.

The brown, rustic genuine leather strap and universal key ring make for an attractive pairing, yet there is much more here than meets the eye. Set the leather fob down on its side with the unassuming notches in the leather facing up, and this key chain suddenly becomes a portable cigar rest capable of holding most standard-sized cigars. Want to take your pipe along on an outing? No problem, just spread the leather apart slightly and you have a pipe rest that you can use anywhere!

Combining adorini’s famous blend of form and function with an undeniable cool factor, this simple and wildly effective tool delivers big time on the “wow factor” and is sure to be a source of envy for everyone around you.
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