Xikar Digital Hygrometer Round

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After growing frustrated with the cigar cutters available to him during the mid-1990s, Kurt Van Keppel decided that he had to take up the task to make the ultimate cutter. Soon Kurt’s friend and industrial designer Scott Almsberger joined in, and soon after that, Xikar was born. Xikar is now one of the premier sources for cutting-edge cigar accessories. A perfect example of Xikar’s creations which deliver both precision and ease of use is the Xikar PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer Round.

This low-maintenance digital hygrometer does it all, giving you both the humidity and the temperature in a stylish yet compact package. Capable of measuring humidity from 20% to 95%, the device also lets you choose between measuring temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius with just a flip of a switch. You don’t even have to mess around with calibrating the device. The unit is guaranteed to accurately record relative humidity within +/- 2% and temperature +/- 1 degree right from the start. Just install it, and it will do all the work for you.

Installing the hygrometer is a breeze with the included magnet attachment, letting you place the unit in the optimal spot in your humidor. The hygrometer will add a touch of sophistication to your humidor with a solid ABS plastic housing dressed in brushed aluminum for a distinguished contemporary look. The simple, easy-to-read display lets you check the condition of your humidor at your leisure. The hygrometer refreshes every 10 seconds, giving you all the up-to-date information, you need to rest assure your cigars are receiving the proper care.

From its small profile to high-powered measuring capabilities, the PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer is an indispensable tool for the cigar enthusiast wanting greater accuracy and ease while protecting cigars. Xikar recommends using a button cell LR1130 or equivalent when replacing the battery.
EAN code: 4260128729474
Dimensions (H x W x D): 18 mm x 4.7 mm x 13 mm
Coating: None
Brand: Xikar
Weight: 27 g
Fixing: Magnet
Colour: Black
Display: Digital
Item ID: 1832xi
Humidity accuracy: +-2%
Temperature units: Celsius & fahrenheit
Temperature accuracy: +-1ºC
Humidity range: 30-99% % relative humidity
Measurement mechanism: Electronic sensor
Temperature range: 0-50ºC, 32-120ºF celsius
Material: ABS plastic

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