Winjet Fourfold Jet Lighter Titanium with Cigar Punch

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WinJet lighter titanium fourfold



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Active cigar enthusiasts know just how frustrating it can be to light up a cigar on a windy day. Sometimes jet-flame lighters with one, two or even three torch flames just won’t cut it. For a powerful lighter that delivers powerful wind-resistance, the Winjet Fourfold Jet Lighter Titanium with Cigar Punch is an ideal choice.

The lighter’s unique cylinder shape and gunmetal finish give it a sleek, industrial look that will find a captive audience no matter the time or place. Chrome accents lend a touch of flair to the modern look, making for a workhorse with style for which you can be proud to carry.

What makes this lighter so potent is four jet-flames which come together to form the ultimate torch to light your cigars with greater efficiency and speed. One press of the slide down trigger launches the multi-colored flames into action, giving you all the fire you need to spark up your smokes, no matter the conditions. With a fold-out cigar punch cutter, you have an all-in-one cigar tool that you can keep close at hand no matter where you go.

With its intense flame action, versatility, and unique look, the Winjet Fourfold Jet Lighter Titanium with Cigar Punch checks off all the boxes of what a good cigar lighter should offer.
Item ID: 22110
Fuel window: Yes
Extra: Cigar puncher (single size)
EAN code: 4031872221107
Color: Gun-metal
Material: Metal
Flames: 4
Gas: Butane gas
Flame type: Jet flame
Width: 30 mm
Height: 27 mm
Weight: 108 g
Brand: Winjet
Suitable for pipe smokers: No

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