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Pin set for shelfs in humidors


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Pinset for Shelves in Humidors - Set of 8 Pieces

The pinset for shelves in humidors is a practical set consisting of 8 pieces used to adjust the height of a shelf or insert. Each pinset has a diameter of 5 mm and a length of 16 mm.
In addition to use in humidors, there are other possible applications for this set:

  • Furniture Construction: Use the pinsets to adjust shelf heights in cabinets or bookshelves, making them flexible and adaptable.

  • DIY Projects: Incorporate the pinsets into DIY projects such as building toolboxes or storage systems to adjust shelf heights as needed.

  • Crafts: Utilize the pinsets for crafting projects such as building miniature furniture or models to adjust and vary structure or levels.

  • Model Making: Integrate the pinsets into model making to adjust and vary the height of platforms or terrain structures in model landscapes.

With their versatility and functionality, the pinsets are a useful tool for various applications and projects.

Stainless steel
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