Double blade cigar cutters

Double blade cigar cutters

Cigar cutters are necessary to properly enjoy premium cigars and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The classic single blade cigar guillotine cutters once reigned supreme, yet double blade guillotine cutters are the preferred cutter for modern cigar lovers everywhere. Whether bare-bone basics or sophisticated designs that bring more flair to the cigar experience, there is a double blade cigar cutter for you.

How Double Blade Cutters Work

While new advances in cigar cutter design have allowed for various blade configurations, most double blade cutters work similarly. Double blade cutters, such as the [Y296] adorini Credit Card Cigar Cutter [Y296], generally feature two guillotine-style blades mounted opposite each other that are squeezed together to remove a portion of a cigar's head.

With the blades moving inward towards the centre and overlapping, the result is a cleaner and more efficient cut than you get from a single blade cutter. The process of using a typical double blade cigar guillotine is simple:

  1. Slide the blades into the open position.
  2. Place a cigar in the aperture.
  3. Line up the cigar where you want to cut.
  4. With a smooth and easy motion, firmly slide the cutter closed.

    That is all it takes to give each of your cigars a quality cut every time. It might take a bit of practice to find just the right cutting speed and level of firmness that works best for you, but that just means you get to cut and smoke more cigars! Caution should be exercised at all times, of course, being sure to keep your fingers securely in the handles and out of the cutter's aperture to avoid any mishaps.

    Double Blade Cigar Cutter Benefits

    Double blade cigar cutters offer a range of benefits over single blades and other cutter types that make them great all-around options for cigar enthusiasts of all levels of taste or experience.


    Double blade cutters will cut a broad spectrum of sizes and shapes, making for a versatile cigar tool to have at the ready. Many of today's offerings can cut from the smallest of cigars to 60-ring gauge cigars or larger. Cigar punch cutters or other smaller devices might require two or three cuts to achieve an optimal draw on larger smokes or shaped cigars. Yet double blade cutters can handle it all with one swipe of the blades. Not only does this cut down on the time you spend preparing your cigar, but it also provides a larger surface area from which to draw that might help you discover more of the tobacco's hidden delights.

    Optimal Cutting Motion

    The sliding motion that most double blade cigar cutters provide means your cigars will be evenly cut while lessening the chance of fraying the tobacco leaf on one side or the other, as single blade cutters can sometimes do. This also makes it easy to cut just about any cigar you have on hand, even a Torpedo or giant-sized Gordo.

    Ease of Use

    Most double blade cigar cutters feature convenient handles to achieve the quick and easy sliding motion better. Just squeeze the blades together to cut your cigar, and you are ready to spark up. Not only does the simple design work well to achieve a quality cut, but some of today's double blade cutters are also self-sharpening. That's less maintenance and less hassle!

    Wide Range of Options

    There are many varieties of double-blade cutters, from basic double guillotines to sophisticated contraptions that offer a touch of elegance or modern flair. If you are dressed to impress and need a cutter to match, there are plenty of exquisite double blade cutters for the job. If you are searching for an everyday cutter that won't break the bank, there are plenty of those too. No matter your budget or the occasion, you are sure to find a double-blade cigar cutter right for you.

    Double the cigar-smoking pleasure

    Double blade cigar cutters offer optimal cutting action and versatility that just can't be matched by other cutter types. Discover all the joys double blade cutters can bring to your cigar smoking experience.

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