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Colton Cigar Cutter

Colton Cigar Cutter

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Whether for your quiet cigar space at home, your bar, lounge, or business, it is always good to have a cigar tool on hand that is functional and brings a touch of sophistication to the cigar smoking experience. A great option that is sure to delight is the Colton Cigar Cutter.

This unique item first grabs attention with its long and slender design, which is modeled after classic cigar tools of the past. The silvery stainless-steel finish offers a sleek, modern look while still lending just a bit of nostalgia.

The multi-function gadget features a single blade stainless-steel cutter which delivers a smooth cut with just a press of a lever. The other end of the tool is thin and tapered, making for the ideal way to pry open sealed boxes of cigars. A notch on this thinner end is used to lift the nail out of cigar boxes. The edge of the cutting lever has a flat surface that doubles as a small hammer to tap nails back into cigar boxes, sealing them up, so their contents stay secure.

With all of these handy features, the Colton Cigar Cutter is an indispensable cigar tool that is perfect for retail settings, as well as for the serious collector.

EAN code:
Single blade cutter
Item ID:
Origin of blades:
3.6 oz
Dimensions (H x W x D):
0.5 in x 1.2 in x 4.9 in
Made of:
Stainless steel
Maximum size of cigar:
Material of blades:
Stainless steel

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 50% (1 Rating)
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 08 Nov 2022

Excellent article.

 01 Oct 2022

Works very well