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Humidor cabinets

Humidor cabinets

A cigar humidor cabinet is nearly every enthusiastic cigar aficionado’s dream, providing the ultimate solution for the age-old problem of being short on cigar space. Humidor cabinets allow you to store large cigar collections in a safe and consistently humidified environment, while also offering space-saving functionality and enhancing almost any décor. This makes for an ideal way to humidify and display cigars in retail or office settings, lounges, clubs, hotels, restaurants and even your home. You name it, and there is most assuredly a humidor cabinet to fit the situation. Choosing the right cabinet humidor can seem challenging, yet HumidorDiscount is certain to have a humidor cabinet that is right for the job.

The Benefits of a Humidor Cabinet

Several attributes make humidor cabinets unlike most of the typical desktop humidors available today and the ideal choice for passionate cigar enthusiasts with large cigar collections:

Larger Capacity

Humidor cabinets accommodate many more cigars than standard humidors, with cigar capacity generally ranging from about 400 cigars to as many as the 6,000 cigars that adorini’s beautiful Capri Deluxe Humidor Cabinet Ebony can accommodate. With this larger capacity, you will have room to stock up on more of your favorite cigars, as well as set aside more cigars for extended aging, all the while having plenty of room for your everyday smokes.

Storage Flexibility

With greater size comes more options to let you store and display your cigars. Most humidor cabinets have shelves or trays for presentation and storage of individual cigars in addition to storage areas for whole boxes. This improved versatility lets you adjust the humidor cabinet to fit your collection.

Robust Humidification

Since humidor cabinets have more space to humidify, they need more efficient humidification systems to provide cigars with the ideal environment. Most humidor cabinets are optimized for electronic humidity control to deliver the best in active humidification. Electronic humidifiers with motorized fans offer the uniform air circulation that is especially important in humidor cabinets. Ventilation gaps at the back and front are also common features, which work in conjunction with the humidifier’s fans to deliver perfectly humidified air to every cigar in your collection.

Wide Range of Designs

Whether you are looking to simply add storage space or looking to make a splash with a large display humidor for all to see, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Smaller countertop humidors give you space for more cigars without using up valuable floor space. Larger floor-standing units can offer greater capacity and more greatly enhance a room’s décor. Humidor cabinets offer a tremendous amount of upside for the serious cigar collector and cigar retailer alike, yet it does not mean cabinet style humidors aren’t without some hint of a downside. More regular maintenance is often required to ensure climate control is at optimal levels. Humidor cabinets can be expensive and hard to move. Dealing with power chords, electrical outlets and even power failures can also cause a few headaches. Many cigar lovers have found, however, that the benefits of a humidor cabinet can far outweigh these inconveniences, all the same, it’s worth considering both pros and cons when opting for a cabinet humidor.

Selecting a Humidor Cabinet

With so many different styles, shapes, and sizes available, considering just a few points before beginning your search will help make for a smoother process in finding the best option for you, possibly saving you a lot of time and money down the road.


Decide how the humidor cabinet is to be primarily used. There are different types of humidor cabinets for different circumstances. Is the cabinet humidor for home or office? Will you need glass panels for displaying cigars, especially in retail settings? Will the humidor be in high-traffic areas? Are a lock and key necessary? Will you be storing full boxes or mainly individual cigars? If you plan to use the humidor for aging a variety of cigars, then a humidor cabinet with extra drawers might be best. Need your cigars to be mobile? Check out adorini’s CABINet Trolley. Having a good idea of what is the cabinet humidor’s primary function will help you better choose other options you might want to be included with your humidor cabinet.


You will want to measure the space where you plan to put a humidor cabinet to ensure that there is plenty of room to maneuver the cabinet into position. This includes having room to open doors, plug-in electrical devices, check and fill water levels, or any other necessary maintenance activities. Whether a floor-standing or countertop, always allow a little extra space around your humidor cabinet. It can be aggravating when you can’t access your cigars or properly care for them without moving the whole cabinet. So, measure the space and allow for extra room.

Climate Control

The key to the success of any good humidor cabinet is a high-quality humidification system. As you look through humidor cabinet options, be sure to check the type of humidification system, if any, that comes with the unit. Will the humidifier do what you need it to do? Can it be upgraded? Does it require an electrical outlet? Can it be expanded with additional fans or water tanks as your cigar collection grows? Does it offer multi-function control?


A must-have in any quality cabinet humidor is an interior lining of moisture-absorbing wood, ideally Spanish cedar. Cedar shelves are also a plus. If you are displaying cigars, look for cabinets that have multi-positional shelves that can accommodate trays with dividers. If storing full boxes of cigars, then cabinet humidors with dedicated box space or partitions are preferred. Low-heat lighting for better viewing, ventilation openings for better air circulation, accessory drawers, and holes for electrical cords are other interior options you might consider.


A humidor constructed of sturdy materials with thick walls and properly fitting joints will provide the optimal environment for your cigars. You want a humidor cabinet with securely mounted glass and good door seals for the most efficient humidor control. If the humidor cabinet is to see a high volume of use, in a lounge or retail area, for example, then look for humidors with heavy-duty door hinges capable of handling the added stress. HumidorDiscount understands you can only truly inspect the quality of a humidor cabinet in person and has you covered with their 100 Day Refund Guarantee. With peace of mind like that, you can always feel confident in your selection.

Ready for Action

As you browse through HumidorDiscount’s collection of humidor cabinets, each product page gives you information about its size, cigar capacity, type of humidification, and other options that you can use to decide which cabinet is the right one for the job.

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