Metal cigar cases

Metal cigar cases

There are many different types of cigar cases available on the market today, yet metal cigar cases offer the best of both worlds for those in search of a blend of style and functionality. From single cigar tubes to humidified cases, you are sure to find a metal cigar case for the job.

Why Choose a Metal Cigar Case?

Metal cigar cases offer various features that can enhance your cigar smoking experience with panache as well as peace of mind. The harder outer shells of metal cases provide better protection for cigars during transport than softer leather or cloth cases. You won't need to worry about your cigars being accidentally flattened in your pocket, luggage, or golf bag.

Some metal cases feature cedar lining and compact humidifiers, providing even more benefits for your cigars. Most metal cases can also offer a more opulent look than cases constructed of other materials. This means, no matter the situation, you will arrive with your favorite cigars in style.

So, if you are looking for a case that provides better protection for your cigars, but you don't want to sacrifice sophistication and style, then a metal cigar case is a great choice.

Types of Metal Cases

There are, of course, different types of metal used for cigar cases, so a brief overview of the most popular types will help in your search. Consider how you will primarily use the cigar case. Is it for special occasions or everyday use? Are you carrying the case in a coat pocket, a briefcase, golf bag, or luggage? Answering these questions will help to find the case best suited for the job.

Sterling Silver
An elegant choice that offers a high level of class and style. Ideal for formal gatherings or any occasions you want your cigars dressed to impress. The drawbacks of a sterling silver case are that it is heavier, more expensive, and will need the occasional polish. These inconveniences aside, a sterling silver cigar case, such as the Sillem's Sterling Silver Case for 2 Robustos, is still a premier choice for discerning cigar aficionados about town. Personalize with engraving to make for a great gift.

As with sterling silver, pewter offers an elegant old-world look. The heavy yet soft nature of the pewter makes it susceptible to dings and scratches. Since it is not the most rugged of materials, it is best suited for special occasions or formal gatherings. These cases can tarnish easily and might need a little more polishing than most. Still, they are popular, engravable options for memorable celebrations such as new births, weddings, or job promotions.

Aluminum Alloy
Lightweight and durable, these cases are good options for traveling light while still protecting your cigars. What these cases lack in the luxuriousness of sterling silver or pewter, they make up for with solid everyday functionality.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel cases provide strength and versatility while still offering a touch of modern style. Often dressed in chrome plating, these cases are equally at home in formal and casual settings. A great all-around choice that provides solid protection for your cigars; they’re also great for outdoor use, no matter the weather. The adorini Double Cigar Case Chrome is a best-selling example.

Metal Case Styles

There are also various styles of metal cigar cases from which to choose. It all depends on the situation. For special events, friendly gatherings, or just floating around town, most metal cases perform well. Humidified metal cases are especially desirable styles for extended trips, as they keep cigars in the optimal climate until ready to be smoked. Here are a few of the most popular styles:

Single Cigar Tube
Perfect for having a cigar at the ready whether on the golf course, during a business meeting, or after a fine meal. Available in standard tubes, cedar-lined tubes, or humidified tubes, such as the adorini Humidor Tube with Silver Hygrometer.

Two Cigar Case
These cases give you the flexibility to carry two of your favorite smokes. A popular choice for the golf course lets you enjoy a cigar for both the front and the back nine! The humidified adorini Double Cigar Case High-Grade Steel Satin Finish/Cedar is a great go-to option, no matter the locale.

Hinged Lid Case
These cases provide room for multiple cigars and have a hinged lid, unlike other metal cases' slide open designs. While slightly bulkier and less pocket friendly, these cases provide a unique combination of nostalgia, style, and functionality. Cases such as the Cigar Case for 3 Coronas make great personalized gifts.

Mixed Media Case
These cases provide an alternate take on traditional cigar cases, combining metal with other materials, such as leather or carbon fiber. Usually comprised of an upper section that slides over a metal bottom section, these cases give cigars protection while offering a compelling look ideal for the most prestigious of occasions. The alluring S.T. Dupont Triple Cigar Case Brown is a most luxurious example.

Metal Delivers

Metal cigar cases give you the ability to protect your cigars better than traditional soft cases and do it in a sophisticated style and class. You even have options to humidify your cigars while on the go. So, protect your cigars right with a new metal cigar case today!

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