S.T. Dupont X.tend MiniJet Lighter Optic White

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S.T. Dupont is the first name in luxury smoking accessories, treating the upper echelon of the social elite to some of the world’s most opulent creations. While the craftspeople in Dupont’s legendary workshop have garnered a well-deserved reputation for developing lighters of elegantly classic character, they also know how to crank up the volume and show off their modern, cutting-edge side, as they’ve done for the S.T. Dupont MiniJet series.

The S.T. Dupont MiniJet Lighter Optic White is a favorite for the fashion-minded who want the power of a jet-flame cloaked in a vibrant contemporary design. The lighter’s gloriously white lacquer and chrome finish makes for a great change of pace from the typical boring colors usually found on lighters.

The smaller cousin of Dupont’s MaxiJet series, the MiniJet offers the same powerful wind-resistant torch flame, yet in a smaller, more compact package. A quick and easy press on the side of the lighter is all it takes to unleash a fully adjustable jet-flame. The blue torch style flame delivers all the action you need and will perform like a champion in almost any conditions you throw at it. Since there is no flint to change, all you must do is refuel with butane when the need arises. No worries or guesswork here! There is an integrated fuel level window, so you will know exactly when it's time. Just fill it up and go. That’s all there is to it.

Simple to operate, fuel-efficient, and with a comfortable ergonomic design, Dupont’s MiniJet will deliver a reliable flame whenever it is called upon, and it will do it in style. For those who wonder if you can have a lighter that is both powerfully functional and fashionable at the same time, the answer is a resounding, yes! High-quality gift box included.
EAN code: 3597390159854
Dimensions (H x W x D): 12 mm x 33 mm x 56 mm
Brand: S.T. Dupont
Weight: 42 g
Color: White
Flames: 1
Gas: Butane gas
Item ID: 10030
Optimized for pipe smokers: No
Flame technology: Jet flame
Material: Metal
Special features: None
Fuel window: Yes

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