Zino Double Blade Cigar Cutter Black

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Davidoff is a brand that discerning cigar connoisseurs trust to deliver the most impressive line-up of luxury cigar accessories available today. One of Davidoff’s all-time favorite offerings is the legendary Zino Z2 Double Blade Cigar Cutter Matte Black.

When this superstar arrived on the scene, it raised the bar of just what a guillotine-style cigar cutter should bring to the cigar experience. Composed of stainless-steel, its two razor-sharp blades come together in one swift and precise slicing motion that won’t squeeze or pinch your cigar, causing unnecessary damage.

The powerful blades are contained within a shell of durable, high-quality fiberglass featuring a timeless black matte finish. The compact cutter is small enough that you can easily carry it in a pocket without feeling weighed down. Yet, it is large enough to handle cigars of up to a 56-ring gauge making for a tremendously versatile cigar accessory, whether for the home or on the move.

This double-edged guillotine has proven its worth again and again for cigar lovers around the world and is sure to head straight to the top of your favorite accessories list. Balanced, stylish and highly functional, the Zino Z2 Double Blade Cigar Cutter is a true classic that belongs in every cigar lover’s tool kit.
EAN code: 7623500845501
Dimensions (H x W x D): 8 mm x 37 mm x 86 mm
Brand: Zino Davidoff
Cutter type: Double blade cutter
Weight: 28 g
Made of: ABS plastic
Item ID: 20630
Max. ring gauge: 56
Blades: 2
Coating: None
Color: Black
Material of blades: Stainless steel

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