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Keyhole cover Standard Gold


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Gold Keyhole Cover for Standard Humidor Lock

The golden keyhole escutcheon is specifically designed for standard locks of humidors, adding a shiny accent to them. It serves to cover the keyhole of the lock, contributing to the aesthetic completion of the humidor.
In addition to use in humidors, there are various creative applications for the keyhole escutcheon:

  • Furniture Projects: Use the escutcheon as a decorative element in DIY furniture projects such as cabinets, chests, or dressers.

  • Jewelry Boxes: Incorporate the escutcheon into handcrafted jewelry boxes to add a touch of luxury and elegance.

  • Arts and Crafts: Utilize the escutcheon as embellishments in various arts and crafts projects like picture frames, decorative boxes, or caskets.

  • Model Making: Use the escutcheon in model building and miniature worlds to realistically depict small doors or lockers.

  • Restoration: Replace old or damaged keyhole escutcheons on antique furniture or historical items to restore their original splendor.

With its shiny finish and versatile usability, the gold keyhole cover is not only functional but also an aesthetic enhancement for various projects.

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