Is it possible to use a humidor for pipe tobacco?

Published :+ 2017-01-06 00:00:00
Categories : General information about the humidor

Purists among cigar aficionados are very uncomfortable about storing their spicy Cuban cigars in the same humidor as their mildly elegant Dominican cigars. When different cigars are stored together, their aromas can blend, permanently modifying the taste of all the cigars.

Most pipe tobaccos have a very strong odour; aromatic tobaccos in particular, which smell of fruit or vanilla in the cold state. But the same holds true of the less typical English tobaccos as well, with their characteristic Latakia smell. Pipe tobacco should always be stored in a separate humidor, away from cigars.

We recommend trying out your favourite tobacco with differing degrees of moisture content. The experiment can be easily done using Boveda Packs of different humidity levels inside your humidor. Adorini makes a pipe box as well as a pipe cabinet in which you can also store tobaccos alongside your pipes and keep them humidified as desired.

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