Colibri Enterprise 3 Cigar Lighter Black/Rose Gold



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Colibri is one of the absolute best sources for quality cigar accessories, with a diverse collection of lighters that harmoniously combine form and function. One of the greatest examples of this blending of style and utility is the stunning Colibri Enterprise 3 Cigar Lighter Black/Rose Gold.

This elegant treasure features a uniquely modern design that is perfectly matched with a matte black body adorned with polished rose gold accents. The look is pure magic that will always be in style no matter how formal or casual the occasion.

The lighter will get your cigars going in a flash with just a press of the side-mounted ignition trigger. The single-action ignition retracts a protective cover and unleashes three powerful jet-flames. These wind-resistant torch flames provide all the coverage needed to light cigars quickly and efficiently. Rated for use at elevations as high as 2438 meters, you can light your cigars almost anywhere. An 8 mm punch cutter folds out from the bottom to give you a super-sharp cutter anytime you need it. There is even a fuel level window, so you know when it's time to refill.

The Colibri team truly has thought of everything with this lighter, giving you the flexibility to enjoy cigars whenever and wherever the mood strikes. You won't have to mess with a pocket full of gadgets, the Colibri Enterprise 3 Cigar Lighter Black/Rose Gold is all you need.
EAN code: 5037258303107
Fuel: Butane gas
Color: Black
Special features: Cigar puncher (single size)
Material: Metal
Flame technology: Jet flame
Flames: 3
Item ID: 295126
Coating: None
Gas level window: Yes
Suitable for pipe smokers: No
Dimensions (H x W x D): 19 mm x 34 mm x 71 mm
Weight: 99 g
Brand: Colibri
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