Boveda humidifier 69% (big, 60g) Boveda humidifier 69% (big, 60g)
Boveda humidifier 69% (big, 60g)

Boveda humidifier 69% (big, 60g)

4,7 (81 Ratings)

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Each Boveda pack is accurate to within +/-1% in airtight conditions, yet the folks at Boveda understand that no humidor is truly airtight. So, they have created a full range of humidification packs to combat variations in ambient dryness. The Boveda Humidifier 69% (big 60g) is a versatile option ideal for those needing to soften higher humidity levels.
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
10 cigars
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Boveda big 69
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 4.7/5   (81Ratings)
 78% (63 Ratings)
 15% (12 Ratings)
 7% (6 Ratings)
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 12 Aug 2021

An excellent solution for storing Cigars as long as you remember to switch the pack every few months or so.

 30 May 2021

As expected

 06 May 2021
Translated from original in Italian

Always useful!

 07 Apr 2021

Seems to work fine, even with the Adorini golden humidifier thrown in. Humidity between 67 - 69. Took a few days before it started to work.

 06 Mar 2021

Arrived fast, excellent package protection and works great with my humidor.

 09 Jan 2021

The Boveda came in good condition and well packed.

 13 Jun 2020

Do what they say they do.

 05 May 2020
Translated from original in Italian

Fantastic, I recommend to everyone.

 05 Oct 2018
Translated from original in Italian

The packs perform their task very well, they guarantee good cigar conditions!

 14 Mar 2015

It just works!

 07 Mar 2015
Translated from original in Spanish

Flawless function. Humidity level a little lower than indicated. My Adorini Venezia Deluxe humidor stabilized the humidity at 67%. I still need to wait to see the durability of each unit in order to decide whether (or not) it is expensive.

 14 Aug 2022
 27 Jul 2022
 07 Jul 2022
 25 Jun 2022
 22 May 2022
 17 May 2022