BOM Tristar Lighter Silver

BOM Tristar Lighter Silver

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When you are out and about and ready to spark up a tasty cigar, there is nothing more frustrating than a lighter that won’t stay lit or not being able to find a cigar cutter when you need one. A great solution to these common problems is the BOM Tristar Lighter.

The BOM Tristar Lighter Silver is a great option for the active cigar aficionado with a sleek and modern design dressed in a classic chrome and silver finish. The contemporary style makes it a natural fit for almost any occasion, no matter how formal or casual.

Just press down on the ignition trigger to unleash three high-powered jet flames that will easily light your cigars even on the windiest of days. With a large flame adjustment screw, changing the level of the flame is no problem at all. The lighter also features an extra-large fuel tank and fuel level window that lets you spend less time worrying about butane and more time relaxing with your cigars.

An integrated punch cutter emerges from the bottom of the lighter, giving you that extra peace of mind that you will always have a cutter handy. Whether you are enjoying a day on the golf course or are headed off on a grand adventure, the BOM Tristar Lighter is one you will want to have along for the ride.

EAN code:
Stainless steel
Flame type:
Jet flame
Integrated single cigar punch
Item ID:
BOM Tristar Lighter Silver
Gas level window:
Butane gas
Optimized for pipe smokers:

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 12 May 2014

the product works very poorly

 12 May 2014

The product works very poorly.

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