Winjet Mega Quadruple Jet Torch Lighter

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WinJet torchlighter Mega quadrup


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No matter where or when you want to enjoy a good smoke, sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. The wind can especially wreak havoc when trying to get your lighter up and running, even with a high-end jet-flame. The Winjet Mega Quadruple Jet Torch Lighter takes away the frustration with a powerful quad-jet system that blows away the competition!

The lighter’s ergonomic design makes for a more comfortable grip and ease of operation. The sleek gunmetal finish and horizontal grooves give the lighter a sophisticated modern look that makes it ideal for backyard barbeques and black-tie functions - and everywhere in between.

The lighter’s four jet-flames leap into action with just one press of the thumb, each merging with the other to create the ultimate wind-resistant flame. You will be able to use that intense heat to light your cigars with unmatched speed and efficiency regardless of those pesky gusts of wind. There is also a handy cigar punch cutter that folds out from the bottom so that you can cut and light your cigars, with this one easy-to-carry tool.

The Winjet Mega Quadruple Jet Torch Lighter gives you the flexibility to enjoy your cigars anywhere and at any moment thanks to its robust quadruple torch flame system, comfortable design, and contemporary style. Don’t let the wind blow you around! Get your Winjet Mega today.
EAN code: 4031872221145
Flame type: Jet flame
Coating: None
Color: Silver
Fuel: Butane gas
Special features: Cigar puncher (single size)
Product weight: 91 g
Model: WinJet torchlighter Mega quadruple jet
Item ID: 22114
Brand: Winjet
Material: Metal
Dimensions (H x W x D): 20 mm x 47 mm x 70 mm
Optimized for pipe smokers: No
Fuel window: Yes
Flames: 4

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