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Pisa - Deluxe

adorini Pisa Deluxe Humidor

4.4 (126 Ratings)
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Adorini humidors are well-known for their masterful blending of quality craftsmanship, appealing style and innovative features, yet none are perhaps as unique in design and functionality as the adorini Pisa Deluxe. This beautifully crafted humidor will be the showcased center of attention for any room or office, all the while keeping cigars primed and ready to go.

The eye-catching pyramid design fits into almost any décor, with a lavish multi-lacquered brown matte finish. Watching over three separate storage drawers accessed at the front of the humidor is a pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer that makes it easy to check humidity levels with just a quick glance. A tug on any one of the drawer’s convenient yet elegant handles will reveal an interior lining of steamed and kiln-dried Spanish cedar veneer. This cedar-lined interior features adorini’s innovative RibTech ventilation ribs for enhanced air circulation that will ensure each one of up to 75 Corona-size cigars is getting just the right amount of humidity.

Humidity is controlled by one of adorini’s most exceptional features, an acryl polymer based Deluxe gold-plated humidifier featuring adjustable ventilation openings. The moveable openings on the humidifier allow you to tweak humidity to achieve your preferred levels and keep your cigars in optimized condition. Keeping the cigars organized will be a breeze with adorini’s specially designed divider system. Three horizontal and three vertical options, along with divider label clips, give you the flexibility to catalog your cigars in a variety of ways.

A felt bottom to offer better protection to surfaces and adorini’s legendary life warranty put the finishing touches on this delightfully designed humidor. No matter where the Pisa Deluxe rests, it is sure to be the highlight of any space, garnering attention from the crowd and bringing a smile to your face each time you reach for a perfectly conditioned cigar.
Capacity for up to 75 corona cigars.

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image

    Adorini life-time warranty

  • Deluxe feature image

    Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level

  • Deluxe feature image

    Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage

  • Deluxe feature image

    Bottom of drawers consists of wooden ribs for maximum air flow and flexible placement of dividers

  • Deluxe feature image

    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation

Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor
EAN code:
Item ID:
146.4 oz
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
1.4 in x 7.5 in x 3.4 in
Adorini life-time warranty
Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Exterior veneer:
Number of drawers:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Interior lining:
Spanish cedar wood steamed & kiln dried with ribs
Dimensions (H x W x D):
11.8 in x 13.8 in x 11.8 in
Made of:
Exterior finish:
Included dividers:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.4/5   (126 Ratings)
 59% (74 Ratings)
 29% (37 Ratings)
 9% (11 Ratings)
 2% (2 Ratings)
 2% (2 Ratings)
 16 Dec 2018

BEAUTIFUL, my husband will be thrilled at Christmas; the humidor exceeds my expectations, I'm really delighted.

 19 Oct 2018

The humidor is beautiful and elegant. The hygrometer works perfectly. The delivery was quick. What else to say - five stars. Thank you so much and see you soon.

 28 Jul 2018

The humidor looks very nice, hopefully my brother will think the same.

 03 Apr 2018

On delivery the bottom drawer was broken on the runner.

 13 May 2016

Very nice humidor, arrived quickly and very well protected in the package. I recommend the product!

 31 May 2015

Great humidor, as described, the pyramid design won me over! The delivery was great, everything worked properly. That is how online shopping should be.

 05 Jul 2014

The product is wonderful. The only problem I have is that it has reached a guide to the second drawer of the broken pyramid. Could somehow get a guide to the second drawer that will put in the pyramid ?.

 14 Apr 2014

Great humidor beautiful

 10 Mar 2014

Very nice with small capacity humidor. Still very happy with the quality of the product.

 27 Aug 2013

The finish of the humidor is superb, the hygrometer works perfectly and the drawers are designed with the system of division. So that happiness ... In addition, the product packaging was top ...

 27 Aug 2013

The finish of the humidor is superb, the hygrometer works wonderfully and the drawers are well thought of with the divider system. So I'm only happy! In addition, the product's packaging was top...

 16 Aug 2013

very satisfied

 12 Aug 2013

The humidification system significantly reduces the space available for the cigars. The product is therefore actually a small capacity ... and disappoint in this regard. Beautiful object, however.

 12 Aug 2013

The humidifier significantly reduces the space available for the cigars. Therefore, the product has actually a small capacity... and disappoints in this respect. However it is a beautiful object.

 10 Aug 2013

Excellent for storage of an "amateur" consumption, adequate capacity

 10 Jan 2013

Great design and looks good, takes some time and extra humidifier to get the humidity to settle evenly in all drawers.

 19 Oct 2012


 04 Jul 2012

Beautiful construction and workmanship. I'm very happy with it both as reliable "protection" for my cigars and as a work of art in my office. The vertical dividers tend to fit loosely and some of the tabs broke off. The humidification device sits on the bottom of the unit and tends to get pulled out when the bottom drawer is opened. Limited space for larger cigars which can't be stacked in the lower shelf. These are the only minor dislikes I have regarding this unit.

 05 Jun 2012

very nice prefabricated humidor with every detail

 30 Apr 2012

it is a piece of furniture, as well as a perfect humidor!

 21 Apr 2012

Incredibly beautiful with a very unusual design. Super-happy.

 14 Apr 2012


 03 Apr 2012


 22 Mar 2012


 07 Mar 2012

Beautiful humidor! Well handled! A real eye-catcher!

 06 Mar 2012

good aesthetically, it loses slightly in capacity. Anyway great product.

 28 Feb 2012

Ordered the Pisa model and within a few days it was delivered by UPS! Packaged very carefully, fast service, right price for the quality.

 08 Feb 2012

Very stylish !

 04 Feb 2012

Beautiful, elegant, even if it contains a lot of cigars.

 02 Feb 2012

Very good quality humidor and very original

 31 Jan 2012

Visually very appealing, especially because of the unusual shape, but could something so little space, Joints of the drawers to be exact

 13 Jan 2012

Excellent workmanship.

 21 Dec 2011

high quality with very special design

 26 Sep 2011

Very good condition, beautiful appearance

 22 Apr 2011

Stylish product, looks good as a decoration. Works well as far as I can judge it. Nevertheless, only three stars because of the limited space inside. Sure, in a pyramid, the middle and upper drawers are smaller, but the top drawer is too small for a Robusto. And the humidifier only fits into the bottom drawer, so that only a few Churchills fit it there. Therefore: Top styling, space inside is rather little.

 16 Feb 2011

Very good product.

 15 Jan 2011

According to my boyfriend is a great product.

 30 Dec 2010

The drawers could be more precise

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