Porsche Design PD Lighter 3 Silver

Porsche Design PD Lighter 3 Silver

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Porsche Design Studios is the brainchild of the man behind the game-changing Porsche 911, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, and has been at the very center of cutting-edge design and creation since the 1970s. Amongst the diverse collection of smoking accessories available today, the Porsche Design PD Lighter 3 Silver is a favorite of cigar lovers around the globe.

The Porsche Design team begins with the finest hi-tech materials available to craft the lighter. High-grade metals, such as aluminum, account for sixty-five percent of the lighter. This provides strength and gives the lighter a solid, more balanced feel while holding in hand. The fuel tank is made of highly durable Trogamid®, a strong plastic-like material that better withstands the rigors of containing butane fuel than more traditional materials.

What emerges from this focus on quality craftsmanship is an elegant twin-body lighter accentuated by a pleasing satin silver finish. With one flick of the protective cover and a press of a button, Porsche Design’s patented circular jet flares to life with the help of 30 tiny valve openings to deliver the perfect wind-resistant flame.

The Porsche Design PD Lighter 3 Silver is the optimal choice when it comes to well-built lighters for use in all sorts of conditions. Stunning in its look and functionality, this is a true modern classic.

Flame type:
Jet flame
Number of flames:
Butane gas
Gas level window:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
2.6 in x 1.3 in x 0.6 in
Optimized for pipe smokers:
2.6 oz
Porsche Design
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EAN code:

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