Guy Janot Humidor Wenge Frosted 50


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Distilled water enriched with silver ions
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Guy Janot humidors are renowned for combining luxurious design with reliable humidification that makes each humidor a most worthy home for cigar collections. A fine example and an instant upgrade for any home or office is the stylish glass-top Guy Janot Wenge Humidor Frosted 50.

The humidor features a frosted veneer of wenge wood, a strong and alluringly dark wood indigenous to Central Africa that is often used as an alternative to ebony. A glass panel adds a contemporary look to the lid that will lend an air of sophistication to any décor. The interior is cloaked in Spanish cedar, providing the ideal resting place for up to 50 of your favorite Corona-size cigars. You can keep them organized with an included divider. Premium quadrant hinges make for a smooth opening and closing motion of the lid.

The humidor delivers consistent humidity for your cigars with a Guy Janot humidifier that utilizes mineral stones for efficient humidity control. The humidifier makes sure your cigars are always in optimal condition by adjusting to fluctuations in the humidor’s climate. The only maintenance you will have with the humidifier is to add distilled water once a month or so. That’s it.

The combination of style, elegance and functionality make the Guy Janot Wenge Humidor Frosted 50 a great option for those wanting to show off their cigar collection or just have the ability to sneak a glance at the treasures contained within.
Capacity for up to 50 corona cigars.

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Height: 130 mm
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Equipped with hygrometer: No
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