Guy Janot Root Humidor Gloss 35


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When searching for a humidor to fit a specific need, it is often difficult to find a humidor that is neither too big nor too small for the job. Luckily, Guy Janot offers an ideal solution that combines sophistication, versatility, and robust humidity control into one beautifully crafted treasure: the Guy Janot Root Humidor Gloss 35.

This humidor features a stunning natural root veneer with a shiny high-gloss finish. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar, which provides an ideal environment for up to 35 Corona-size cigars. Premium quadrant hinges make opening and closing a breeze, while a divider helps to deliver improved cigar organization.

The included Guy Janot humidifier keeps cigars in optimal condition thanks to mineral stone material. The unique properties of the mineral stone’s pores allow the humidifier to adjust to fluctuations in the humidor’s climate naturally. With just a splash of distilled water about every four weeks or so, the simple yet efficient humidifier is easy to maintain.

The Guy Janot Root Humidor Gloss 35 is an eye-catching and reliable humidor that will preserve your cigars with style no matter the setting. Make your cigar smoking experience more rewarding with a Guy Janot humidor.
Width: 200 mm
Length: 260 mm
Item ID: 611
Height: 100 mm
Hygrometer: None
EAN code: 4260564930939
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