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Get A Grip Cigar Clip

Get A Grip Cigar Clip

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Get a Grip Cigar Clip

The Get a Grip Cigar Clip is an essential tool for cigar enthusiasts, providing a convenient and secure way to enjoy cigars anywhere. This innovative double-clip design offers versatile functionality to both secure the clip and hold your cigar safely.


  • Double-Clip System: This tool features two connected clips – one with a rubberized grip for versatile attachment, and the other labeled "Cigar," specifically designed to hold your cigar securely.

  • Secure Attachment: The clip for attachment to desired surfaces provides strong spring tension for stability and grip in various environments, such as golf courses, boats, outdoor activities, as well as at home or in the office.

  • Gentle Cigar Holder: The clip designed for your cigar grasps gently, allowing for smooth opening and closing to avoid any damage to the cigar.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for outdoor activities like golfing or boating and equally useful at home or in the office for a hands-free cigar experience.

Experience the convenience and practicality of the Get a Grip Cigar Clip – your perfect companion for enjoying cigars on the go or in various settings.

Metal, Plastic
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