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Daniel Marshall Burl Humidor Golden Brown


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With a keen eye for detail and a flair for opulence, Daniel Marshall has been a favored humidor maker for some of the world’s most illustrious personalities since 1982. Marshall’s creations grace the homes and offices of celebrities, world leaders, and discerning cigar lovers alike. He has even been called upon to collaborate with such illustrious names as Cartier, Dunhill, Harrods, Tiffany & Co., and S.T. Dupont. With a pedigree like that, it is no wonder Marshall and his luxury humidors are so revered. The Daniel Marshall Burl Humidor Golden Brown is a beautiful example of his work.

The humidor immediately garners attention with a sensuous brown burl dressed in Daniel Marshall’s trademark 1000-coat lacquer finish. By intricately applying layers upon layers of lacquer, the process delivers an impressive high-gloss luster that is both long-lasting and wondrously appealing to the eye. The look is further enhanced by black ebony edging, as well as a 24kt gold-plated lock and key set that makes sure your prized cigars remain untouched.

The humidor opens and closes with a smooth, solid feel thanks to strong 24kt gold-plated hinges. With room for up to 100 cigars, the interior of Spanish cedar is adorned with all the favorite Daniel Marshall touches, including a cedar cover plate that tastefully covers the reliable Daniel Marshall humidifying unit. The humidifier is easy to fill, and you will know when it is time to add humidification solution with the help of a numbered strip under the unit. Just put one magnet on the number of the month you set it up, count off six months and place the other magnet there. That’s the month you will add more humidifier liquid! A digital hygrometer lets you monitor the humidor’s environment while two included dividers help bring a little more order to your cigar collection.

Daniel Marshall puts the final mark of excellence on the humidor with a signature nameplate and medallion, that shows it is the genuine article. It also lets everyone know that you are the proud owner of the Daniel Marshall Humidor, truly the best of its class.
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Digital hygrometer
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High gloss
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