Colibri 'Cut' Cigar Cutter Black/Yellow


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The Colibri 'Cut' Cigar Cutter Black/Yellow is one of the most distinctive Colibri cutters yet, with a rubberized black finish joining non-stick yellow lacquer coated blades. The contemporary look beautifully blends with the ergonomic design of the cutter, making it a stellar choice for any occasion.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 70 mm x 45 mm x 7 mm
Cutter type: Double blade cutter
Material: Stainless steel
Number of blades: 2
Brand: Colibri
EAN code: 5037258036692
Weight: 84 g
Color: Black
Max. ring gauge: 60
Material of blades: Stainless steel
Coating: None

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