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Cigar Drawer

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Most cigar lovers, at some time or another, encounter a cigar that just doesn’t want to stay lit, if it can be ignited at all. This common frustration has everything to do with the cigar’s draw. You don’t want to battle through as that just wouldn’t be very enjoyable, which is the whole point of a good smoke. Yet you don’t want to throw away a pricey cigar either. The simple solution is the Cigar Drawer.

This indispensable gadget adjusts the draw to enhance airflow, so you can light your cigar and keep it lit. The tool features a rod constructed of durable stainless-steel with various serrated edges that help burrow through your cigar without undue damage to the tobacco. Just insert the rod through an open end of the cigar gently push and remove. That’s all there is to it. You should have an improved draw that will let you relax with a smooth drawing cigar.

The Cigar Drawer comes in a protective tube that is about the same size as a ballpoint pen, making it a wonderfully portable tool you take with you while on the go. Add the Cigar Drawer to your tool kit, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of a ruined cigar experience ever again.

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 4.6/5   (18 Ratings)
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 24 Jul 2021

Inexpensive and functional

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Everything ok

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 21 Mar 2018

Low price for a very useful and well designed item.

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