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Xikar 7mm Twist Punch Gunmetal

Xikar 7mm Twist Punch Gunmetal

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Kurt Van Keppel burst onto the scene during the 1990s with his highly innovative Xikar cigar cutters. Xikar quickly became one of the cigar world’s most respected sources for precision-crafted cigar accessories. A perfect example of Xikar’s innovative blend of form and function is the Xikar 007 Twist Punch Gunmetal.

With just a twist of the cutter, a super-sharp 7 mm circular blade emerges to deliver a clean and precise cut for a wide variety of cigar sizes. More versatile than most punch style cutters, this gem gives you the option of three different cutting depths. Just twist until the blade locks into the depth you want. Twist the blade back when you are done, and it retracts, removing the plug of tobacco in the process.

Along with a rugged keyring, this amazing tool’s compact size and sturdy construction make it ideal for the cigar lover on the go. The cutter’s gunmetal finish adds a contemporary look that will be right at home in almost any setting.

This reliable cutter will have you enjoying your cigars to their fullest no matter where your travels take you. The Xikar 007 Twist Punch Gunmetal is all at once highly portable, precise, durable, clean, and easy to use: a winning combination.

Cutter type:
Cigar punch
solid brass plated
35 g
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