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Totem Ashtray Confidenciaal

Totem Ashtray Confidenciaal


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Totem Ashtray Confidenciaal

The Totem Ashtray Confidenciaal is an exquisite accessory in glossy black, adorned with a golden logo and additional golden ornamental elements. Behind this ashtray, there is a captivating story.

Initially conceived as a private creation by Eric Piras, its cigars, named "Confidenciaal," were reserved for friends and family. The secret of their excellent quality and reasonable price was whispered among insiders. Now, these cigars are available in luxurious bundles under the aptly named brand: CONFIDENCIAAL. Matching smoking accessories are, of course, a must.

Crafted from porcelain, this ashtray has a diameter of 21.5 cm and a height of 4.5 cm. The luxurious combination of glossy black and golden accents adds an extra touch of sophistication to your cigar enjoyment.

About Totem: TOTEM is more than a brand; it is a symbol and protection of a clan. The collection of essential cigar accessories represents the highest craftsmanship with a unique touch, uniting Aficionadas and Aficionados in a tribe of discerning individuals with consistently good taste.

Stirrups for:
4 cigars
1.8 in
215 mm
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