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Small piano hinge gold 80mm


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Small Hinge Gold - 80mm

The small hinge in gold, measuring 80mm in length, comes with 6 screws and is a high-quality hinge ideal for humidors. Whether you want to build your own humidor or optimize or repair an existing one, this hinge offers versatile applications. Here are some additional creative uses:

  • Jewelry Boxes: Add a touch of luxury to handcrafted jewelry boxes by using this hinge to make them stylish and functional.

  • Small Cabinet Doors: Use the hinge to attach small cabinet doors in cabinets, dressers, or other furniture pieces, giving them an elegant look.

  • Decorative Boxes: Beautify handcrafted decorative boxes by using this hinge to make them functional while enhancing their aesthetic appearance.

  • Dollhouse Furniture: Design dollhouse furniture or miniature furniture projects with this small hinge to make them more authentic and functional.

  • Arts and Crafts: Incorporate the hinge into various arts and crafts projects such as picture frames, small chests, or other decorative items to add an elegant touch.

With its high-quality construction and appealing golden finish, this hinge offers numerous opportunities to bring your creative ideas to life and add a touch of elegance to your projects.

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