Humidor Bamboo Black Frosted Konvex 80 Humidor Bamboo Black Frosted Konvex 80
Humidor Bamboo Black Frosted Konvex 80

Pegasus Konvex Humidor Frosted Bamboo Black 80


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If you are in search of a cigar humidor that veers away from the traditional and offers a unique style that will upgrade any décor, then the Pegasus Konvex series from Guy Janot could be just what you’ve been looking for. One of the most alluring of them all is the Pegasus Konvex Humidor Bamboo Frosted Black 80.

The humidor first catches the eye with an elongated shape and flowing curvature. This intriguing oval shape is made even more appealing by a frosted black bamboo finish. The highly sophisticated look will become an instant centerpiece to any room or office and is sure to have you grinning with pride every time you reach for a cigar.

The humidor opens with a smooth and easy motion thanks to heavy-duty hinges, which, along with a solidly constructed corpus, provide lasting durability. The cedar wood interior provides space for up to 80 of your favorite Corona-size cigars, which can be better organized with an included divider. A pair of self-regulating humidifiers deliver consistent humidity control and only need to be filled with distilled water as needed.

Bring more panache to your cigar smoking experience with the Pegasus Konvex Humidor Bamboo Frosted 80. It will prove a trustworthy storage solution and provide a rewarding cigar experience.
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4.7 in x 17.3 in x 8.7 in
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