IM Corona Old Boy pipe lighter satin chrome

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IM Corona has been a favorite landing spot for pipe enthusiasts around the world who desire a reliable pipe lighter that is both classy and user-friendly. IM Corona offers a plethora of lighters that satisfy this need, yet none are as revered as the legendary IM Corona Old Boy Pipe Lighter Satin Chrome.

This appealing lighter harkens back to days of yore with its classic art deco design. Its hairline satin chrome finish delivers a sophisticated yet nostalgic look perfect for any occasion. No matter how casual or how formal the setting, this lighter will be the star of the show.

With a traditional flint wheel sparking mechanism, the lighter delivers a soft flame, which comes out at an angle to better place it in the bowl of the pipe. With just a pull and a twist, you can use the integrated tamper. You can either use it while still attached to the lighter or remove it completely. The other end can be used as a scraper and even doubles as a screwdriver for turning the flame adjustment screw.

For a combination of durability, style and versatility, nothing truly compares to the Old Boy series from IM Corona. The Old Boy Pipe Lighter Satin Chrome will enhance your pipe smoking with a touch of class and let you enjoy each pipeful of tobacco with the utmost satisfaction.
Flame technology: Soft flame
Flames: 1
Made of: Metal
Brand: IM Corona
Color: Silver
Extra: Integrated pipe tools

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