Humidor Makassar Frosted 20 Humidor Makassar Frosted 20
Humidor Makassar Frosted 20

Makassar Humidor Frosted 20

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Pegasus humidors deliver high-quality construction, minimalist design, and reliable humidity control, making for an ideal option for cigar lovers of all levels of experience. For those wanting to travel with cigars in style or just in need of a smaller desktop humidor, the Pegasus Humidor Makassar Frosted 20 is a winning choice.

The humidor grabs attention with an alluring frosted makassar finish and its wonderfully interplay of light and dark grain. The elegant and sophisticated look makes it a perfect addition to any room, as well as makes it a stunning way to travel with your cigars. A system of magnets in the lid keeps the lid securely fastened, so your cigars are always protected no matter where you go.

Thick corpus design and solidly built quadrant hinges provide stability, while the minimalist interior keeps storing cigars clean and simple. The cedar wood interior works with a self-regulating acryl polymer humidifier to maintain about 20 Corona-size cigars in optimal conditions. You won’t even need a hygrometer. Just add distilled water, and that’s it.

The Pegasus Humidor Makassar Frosted 20 is a beautiful creation that delivers everything you might want out of a humidor, whether you are stationary or on the move. Give your cigars the quality environment they deserve and start your Pegasus adventure today.
Capacity for up to 20 corona cigars.

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