Colibri Quasar XL Humidor Black Limited Edition


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 adorini HumiFit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L $12
Liquid for humidor humidifiers
Distilled water enriched with silver ions
1 litre bottle
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Unique himidor in quasar design
  • Designed in New York, made in California by Daniel Marshall
  • Worldwide limited edition of only 200 pieces, each humidor is numbered
  • Self-regulating humidification system with electronic hygrometer and a Daniel Marshall humidifier
  • Two dividers for better division of cigars
Width: 430 mm
Hygrometer: Digital hygrometer
Exterior finish: Matte
Item ID: 563451
Height: 170 mm
Material inside veneer: Cedar wood
Brand: Colibri
EAN code: 5037258038382

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