Caseti Flint Lighter Chrome/Black

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Caseti lighter Flint chrome / bl


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The Caseti Flint Lighter Chrome/Black oozes with sophistication, as the slim-profiled stunner is cloaked in a wonderfully elegant black lacquer and chrome finish. This classic style combines with the lighter's slender curves to make for the perfect choice for an evening about town.
EAN code: 4031872281743
Brand: Caseti
Gas: Butane gas
Dimensions (H x W x D): 5 mm x 33 mm x 78 mm
Optimized for pipe smokers: No
Color: Black
Fuel window: No
Model: Caseti lighter Flint chrome / black
Item ID: 28174
Coating: Chrome-plated
Special features: None
Flame type: Soft flame
Flames: 1
Product weight: 42 g
Made of: Metal

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