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adorini Cigar Boardbox

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Adorini's Small Trolley Cabinet

Dive into the world of exquisite humidor design with the brand-new Adorini's Small Trolley Cabinet in a compact version. Our passion for unique humidors dates back to our first converted airline trolley, which became a globally coveted masterpiece. Now, Adorini is setting another milestone in humidor art.
A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship:
The special manufacturing process makes each individual humidor a unique piece. The outer walls are adorned with cedar wood sheets from original Cuban cigar boxes. By using different brands and designs, an individual work of art is created that complements your collection perfectly.
State-of-the-Art Technology for Perfect Storage Conditions:
Inside the Trolley Cabinet, you'll find Adorini's powerful electronic humidifier, Cigar Heaven. It ensures a constant optimal humidity level, keeping your cigars in the best condition. The integrated Adorini Humidor Light with motion sensor bathes your precious treasures in elegant light when you open the door.
Practical and Well-Designed:
Adorini's Small Trolley Cabinet is compact yet spacious. Measuring 29 cm x 40 cm x 47 cm and weighing 5.6 kg when empty, it's easy to transport. The handle on the lid makes carrying a breeze. For added security, the humidor can be locked with a padlock (not included). Inside, you'll find two shelves to perfectly organize your cigar boxes. The Trolley Cabinet accommodates cigar boxes in various formats.
With Adorini's Small Trolley Cabinet, you're not only bringing a high-quality humidor into your home but also a piece of craftsmanship that showcases your valuable cigars in style. Treat yourself to the best for your precious treasures.
Please note: Due to the individual design of the outer walls, the delivered model may differ from the illustration. Each humidor is a handcrafted masterpiece.
Electronic humidifier
Equipped with hygrometer:
Digital hygrometer
Exterior finish:
Number of trays:
Temperature units:
Celsius & Fahrenheit
Metal, Wood
290 mm
18.5 in
15.7 in
197.5 oz
EAN code:
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