Adorini offers a full spectrum of cigar smoking accessories for every variety of cigar enthusiast. Adorini's great line-up of butane lighters is an especially popular landing spot. These lighters combine timeless design, durability, and value to offer cigar lighting solutions you can trust.

The adorini Philosophy

As a respected leader in the cigar humidor industry since 1999, adorini is a well-established purveyor of humidors and accessories that has garnered the attention of cigar lovers around the globe. Company founders Felix Spohn and Dr. Daniel Spohn built adorini upon a philosophy of delivering superior quality and innovation at a fair value.

It is this philosophy that is at the heart of every adorini humidor and accessory. Cigar enthusiasts turn to adorini for innovative designs, such as adorini's RibTech ventilation ribs and the adorini deluxe humidification system. These innovations separate adorini from other humidor makers and have helped to make adorini a go-to choice for cigar aficionados. This commitment to using the latest technology and finest artisans to create humidors without an exorbitant price tag carried over to other adorini products, including adorini lighters.

The Lighters

From their experience with humidors, adorini's design team creates lighters that are alluring in style yet still deliver optimal functionality and long-lasting durability. The resulting collection of adorini lighters offers cigar enthusiasts everything they could hope for from a quality cigar lighter. Each delivers solid construction, excellent flame action, ergonomic design, and ease of use while offering an appealing, timeless look.

Each lighter has been designed with the everyday cigar lover in mind, providing a reliable flame source at a good value ideal for almost any time or place.

The Line-up

Adorini lighters have developed a reputation for reliability and user-friendly functionality. One or two-step ignition, weather-resistant flames, fuel level windows, and integrated cigar cutters are some of the features found on adorini lighters. A few of these which have become fan favorites include:

The adorini Jet
The best-selling adorini Jet lighter is a sturdy favorite constructed out of stainless steel for durability. A wind-resistant jet flame provides a powerful and reliable source of flame ideal for outdoor adventures. Two differently sized cigar punch cutters fold out from the side, so a cigar cutter is always on hand.

This popular lighter is a great option if you want a solidly constructed butane jet lighter with a built-in cutter that is easy to use yet has a modern look and feel. The classic adorini Jet Lighter Black is joined by various other stylish colors, including white, silver, yellow, red, orange, and racing green.

The adorini Slim
For those wanting a sleeker, more compact jet style lighter, adorini offers the adorini Slim lighter. Unlike many bulkier cigar lighters, the slimmer profile makes it easy to carry in a pocket. Its quick and easy one-step ignition also makes the butane lighter a popular option for the smoker always on the go.

Its rounded edges provide a smooth and comfortable feel, while there is just enough weight to keep it firm and balanced in hand. While it does not have a built-in cigar cutter or multiple flames, the adorini Slim Lighter is a versatile wind-resistant option for cigarette smokers and cigar enthusiasts alike.

The adorini Puroso
The innovative adorini Puroso is the ultimate cigar smoker's gadget. This butane lighter features dual jet flames that light cigars fast, even in windy conditions. A super sharp Solingen steel cigar punch folds out to provide an easy and clean cut. The lighter also features a cigar needle that can be used as a pierce cutter or draw enhancer.

Whether in luxurious gold color or timeless black, the lighter's ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and complements the lighter's modern look and angled design. A 45-degree tilt helps the dual wind-resistant flames deliver pinpoint accuracy when lighting cigars.

Selecting an adorini Lighter

Before choosing any lighter, you might want to consider a few points to more easily zero in on the best lighter for you. Consider how the lighter will fit your hand and in your pocket, or wherever you might keep it while not in use. Larger lighters generally will have larger fuel tanks yet can also be heavier and more cumbersome to carry. HumidorDiscount provides the dimensions and added features of each lighter to help you in your search.

Decide if you want an integrated cigar cutter. This can also add bulk to a lighter, so if you are looking for a slim lighter and have a cigar cutter you prefer, then a lighter without a cutter is a good option. Happily, the folks at adorini make it a breeze to choose a lighter since each adorini lighter provides the user with superior quality, comfort, and value.

Spark up adorini Style

Adorini lighters strike a balance between luxuriousness and functionality that blends perfectly with adorini's founders' driving philosophy. Quality, innovation, ease of use and fair value are all there. So, find your adorini lighter today and enjoy your smokes the adorini way!

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