IM Corona Old Boy Black Lacquer


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Pipe enthusiasts have turned to IM Corona’s catalog of fine smoker’s accessories throughout the years for some of the most reliable pipe lighters of all-time. There are perhaps no IM Corona offerings as beloved as those in the legendary Old Boy series, and the IM Corona Old Boy Black Lacquer is a crowd-pleaser of the highest order.

This solidly built butane pipe lighter combines a matte black lacquer finish with chrome accents to form a timeless look sure to please all tastes. The traditional flint wheel design offers a touch of nostalgia that has helped make the Old Boy an all-time classic.

A flip of the protective cover and a roll of the flint wheel unveils an angled soft flame optimized for lighting pipes. With a focus on functionality, the lighter is easy to refill and changing the flint can be done in a flash. An integrated pipe tool slides out to be used as a tamper, a scraper, and even a screwdriver for the flame adjuster. It has everything you need to enjoy your pipe!

The IM Corona Old Boy Black Lacquer is a sturdy and versatile creation that you can rely upon to deliver whenever you need it consistently. Reward yourself with the absolute best, treat yourself to an IM Corona Old Boy.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 65 mm x 11 mm x 30 mm
Brand: IM Corona
Weight: 80 g
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