Real Wood Veneer Humidor Frosted Black

Real Wood Veneer Humidor Frosted Black


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Every cigar aficionado needs a good humidor to keep cigars safely tucked away in a controlled environment. For those wanting a humidor with a more sophisticated style, the Real Wood Veneer Humidor Frosted Black is an ideal choice.

This beautifully crafted treasure features a matte black wood veneer exterior with brightly contrasting accents for a pleasingly modern look. The humidor will add a distinguished character to any room or office while providing a secure home for up to 25 Corona-size cigars.

The humidor is lined with Spanish cedar, which helps retain humidity and helps to enhance the character of cigars. Just add distilled water to the included acrylic polymer humidifier to ensure your cigars are kept at optimal humidity. You can keep an eye on humidity levels with an analog hygrometer which, like the humidifier, attaches to the lid with magnets. Chrome-plated quadrant hinges and a divider for better organization put the finishing touches on this great all-around humidor.

With its compact size and eye-catching design, the Real Wood Veneer Humidor Frosted Black is an attractive desktop option for all those in a desktop humidor that blends form and function with a contemporary look. Start your new cigar adventure today with this stellar humidor.
Capacity for up to 25 corona cigars.

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Included dividers:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
10.2 in
8.7 in
Inner width:
9.3 in
Inner height:
3 in
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