Davidoff Humidor Dome Palisander Palladium


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There is perhaps no other name in the cigar industry that so readily brings luxury to mind than Davidoff of Geneva. Cigar connoisseurs around the world turn to Davidoff, not only for super-premium cigars but also for exquisitely detailed humidors. One of the favorites is the uniquely shaped and truly opulent treasure, Davidoff Dome Humidor Palisander Palladium.

The humidor’s arching dome shape is a testament to the master craftsmen’s precision, patience and expertise. Clean lines beautifully accentuate the exotic palisander veneer exterior, a type of rosewood renowned for its toughness as well as beauty. The modern styling continues with palladium coated handles and quadrant hinges, which offer durability as well as a splash of elegance.

A pullout tray with dividers will help keep order within the interior of African okoume, a unique wood that is light in weight and without a fragrance of any kind. Without the more intense aromas of other woods often used in humidors, the tobaccos contained within your cigars will be allowed to take center stage and deliver unaltered aroma or taste. Each of those cigars will be perfectly preserved with Davidoff’s self-regulating humidification device, which firmly attaches to magnets recessed into the underside of the lid’s veneer. Developed to consistently keep 50 to 65 of your cigars at the optimal level of 72 percent humidity, you will never have to worry about your cigars! With this beauty on the job, you won’t even need a hygrometer!

Another small, yet quintessential Davidoff touch is a separate magnet mounted beneath the humidifier which provides the ideal perch for your Davidoff cigar scissors or other accessories you wish to keep within reach. With its alluring dome shape, luxurious adornments, and precision humidification control, the Davidoff Dome Humidor Palisander Palladium is a world-class creation that will bring unparalleled satisfaction for years to come.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 mm x 420 mm x 260 mm
Material of humidor case: Wood
Material exterior veneer: palisander
Lock and key to close the humidor: No
Item ID: 51000132
Weight: 4800 g
Color: Brown
Included dividers: 6
Exterior finish: High gloss
EAN code: 7623500185195
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