Colibri Voyager Cigar Lighter Metallic White



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Colibri has been one of the most reliable sources of quality accessories since 1928, and the lasting legacy continues with a wide range of lighters that seamlessly blend form and function. For those who desire a modern jet-flame yet want a taste of old-world elegance, Colibri offers the Colibri Voyager.

The Colibri Voyager Cigar Lighter Metallic White is a true classic featuring a refined rectangular shape reminiscent of the traditional flint lighters of old. Graceful lines and an opulent metallic white finish make the lighter a favorite for both lovers of modern design and those with a streak of nostalgia alike.

Once you flip open the lid, however, the lighter becomes a high-tech lighting machine that will deliver precision jet-flame action almost anywhere. What resembles an old-style flint wheel is actually a one-touch ignition trigger. Just press it in, and a powerful wind-resistant torch emerges, letting you spark up without fighting the wind. There is a fuel level window as well, so you always know how much butane is in the tank.

A beautifully designed lighter that harkens back to a more elegant time, the Colibri Voyager has something to offer everyone. Whether relaxing on the beach or striking out on the town, this lighter will prove the perfect companion. Escape with your Voyager today.
EAN code: 5037258000235
Color: White
Flame technology: Jet flame
Material: Metal
Coating: Chrome-plated
Fuel: Butane gas
Optimized for pipe smokers: No
Item ID: 293213
Brand: Colibri
Weight: 83 g
Extra: None
Dimensions (H x W x D): 13 mm x 38 mm x 72 mm
Gas level window: Yes
Flames: 2
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