Colibri Eclipse Cutter Anodized Orange


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For the cigar enthusiast who is continuously frustrated by cigar cutters that neither make a precision cut nor do it without damaging the cigar, Colibri has the cutter you have been waiting for: the Colibri Eclipse Cutter.

The Colibri Eclipse Cutter Anodized Orange delivers an impressive style that is both elegant and playfully modern. The deep orange color is joined by chrome accents that make the slim cutter a crowd-favorite, which is sure to become your most treasured cigar accessory.

While the cutter might look the part of the usual double guillotine, it is most certainly not a traditional cutter. Two rock-hard 440 stainless steel blades will easily handle cigars up to a 64-ring gauge. Yet what is truly unique about this cutter is the motion of the blades. While one blade moves through the cigar, the other holds the cigar in place. This effective cutting action delivers a smoother and cleaner cut that lets you better enjoy your smokes.

With its attractive look, spring-loaded blades and innovative cutting abilities, the Colibri Eclipse Cutter is simply too good to pass up. This reliable accessory that is sure to serve you well for years to come. The included gift box makes this a great gift idea for that cigar aficionado who has everything.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 68 mm x 48 mm x 9 mm
Cutter type: Double blade cutter
Material: Stainless steel
Number of blades: 2
Brand: Colibri
EAN code: 5037258034094
Weight: 85 g
Color: Orange
Max. ring gauge: 64
Material of blades: Stainless steel
Coating: None
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