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The HumiDif Group specializes in cigar humidors and accessories that deliver sleek contemporary styling along with robust functionality. The go-to source for many of the top names in the cigar industry for customized products, HumiDif offers excellent options for the individual consumer as well. Quality in design and construction combined with over 30 years of experience means HumiDif is as reliable as they come.

A Global Force
While HumiDif may not be well-known to the masses, the products they design and create for their well-known clients most assuredly are. The HumiDif Group does it all. From humidification pouches, and cigar boxes, to other cigar-related merchandise. The group even creates lavish packaging for rum and other spirits. Factories in both China and Nicaragua allow HumiDif the flexibility to offer their products on a truly global scale.

With an emphasis on design, production, logistics and marketing that is catered to their clients' needs, HumiDif delivers an incredibly wide range of products with which many cigar aficionados have become intimately familiar.

The HumiDif Group's client list is impressive, including many of instantly recognizable brands:

  • Cohiba
  • Davidoff
  • Trinidad
  • Flor de Cana Rum
  • Festival del Habano
  • H. Upmann
  • Joya de Nicaragua
  • AJ Fernandez
  • Montecristo

    HumiDif's commitment to the consumer doesn't stop here. The group has created a separate division to share their sophisticated designs with everyday cigar lovers. The result is a collection of stylish, high-quality products that will help make for a more enjoyable cigar experience.

    HF Barcelona
    HF Barcelona, part of the HumiDif Group, offers cigar lovers a line-up of modern designs ideal for the aficionado on the go. Each of these products has been inspired by and designed in Barcelona, Spain. Created especially for cigar enthusiasts, every accessory embodies the city's unique blend of tradition and modernity.

    The Smart Humidor
    HF Barcelona's crowd-pleasing line of desktop humidors is led by the beautifully crafted Smart Humidor series for 50 Corona-size cigars. Each humidor features an all-okoume wood interior, which offers excellent moisture absorption. The wood is also ideal for lining humidors as it does not have a strong odor that will affect the aroma of cigars.

    The humidors feature a reliable humidification system that rests in a ventilated compartment that allows humidity to circulate throughout the humidor without the humidifier coming in direct contact with cigars. A stylish digital hygrometer adds a touch of flair to the interior of the humidor, which also features dividers, heavy-duty quadrant hinges and a lock & key set.

    The HF Barcelona Smart Humidor is available in a variety of exterior designs that feature eye-catching combinations of glossy lacquer and either wood or high-tech carbon fiber. Each offers a different character and look that will prove a perfect addition to the sophisticated cigar lover's home or office.

    The Style Humidor
    For those wanting a slightly larger capacity, the HF Barcelona Style humidor is a great option. These contemporary classics feature the same expertly designed interiors as other HF Barcelona humidors. The okoume interior forms the ideal home for cigars, while a dual humidification system maintains humidity consistently throughout.

    You will be able to keep a close watch on humidity levels thanks to a round digital hygrometer with an easy-to-read display. Smooth operating quadrant hinges work with a hermetic seal and protective locking system to ensure a tightly closed lid keeps up to 100 Corona-size cigars safely tucked away.
    The rounded edges of the Style humidor are beautifully highlighted by any number of HF Barcelona's popular finishes, each offering a look that is both contemporary and alluringly refined.

    The DPs Humidor
    The DPs collection helped put HF Barcelona on the humidor map and continues to enthrall cigar enthusiasts everywhere with humidors that blend form and function to perfection. Sized for approximately 150 Corona cigars, each humidor in the DPs collection delivers a robust line-up of features, impeccable craftsmanship, and intensely pleasing look.

    Each of the humidors in the DPs collection feature HF Barcelona's trademark okoume interior, which offers a high rate of moisture absorption for better humidity control. Whereas most other HF Barcelona humidors offer dividers to easily separate cigars, DPs humidors deliver even greater cigar organization abilities with an included removable tray.

    A dual humidification system, backlit digital hygrometer, precision quadrant hinges, hermetic seal and locking system combine to add impressive functionality to each DPs humidor. Angular corners and raised dressing on the front and top to enhance further the humidor, which makes for an ideal centerpiece that beautifully captures the spirit of Barcelona and the modern cigar smoker of today.

    The Travel Humidor
    The folks at HumiDif and HF Barcelona know the value of traveling light and doing it in style. HF Barcelona's Travel Humidor series gives you the flexibility to take your cigars with you wherever you go with a most distinctive cosmopolitan flair.

    With cutting edge design and materials, each travel humidor gives cigars the utmost in protection so that you have the confidence that your cigars will be in prime condition and ready to be enjoyed at all times. Each travel humidor features an interior of okoume, the same wood used for HF Barcelona's larger humidors, ensuring the best environment for your cigars.

    The HF Barcelona travel humidor line-up also features a variety of sizes from which to choose to suit your needs better. The Travel10 is the ultimate option for extended time on the road, offering space for up to 10 Churchill-size cigars. For those shorter trips, the Travel5 is a winning choice with room to transport up to 5 of your favorite smokes. Each of these travel-sized humidors features a slide-out tray, humidifier, and super-strong magnetic closure.

    If you need a more compact travel humidor or you just want to take cigars with you for a night on the town, then the HF Barcelona Pocket humidor is the way to go! Sleek and easy to carry, the Pocket humidor's okoume interior has just the right amount of space for up to 3 Corona-size cigars. A humidifier tucked inside the lid ensures cigars receive the proper amount of humidity no matter where you go.

    Lighters, Cutters and Accessories
    Through the HF Barcelona line of high-quality products, HumiDif offers a broad range of accessories that will bring style and dependability to the cigar experience. From multi-flame torch lighters to ultra-sharp double blade cigar cutters that cut with the utmost precision, HF Barcelona has you covered.

    HF Barcelona also offers beautifully designed ashtrays, cigar cases, humidified bags, and even gift sets, which blend an impressive functionality with a look and feel ideal for modern sensibilities.

    Into the Future with HumiDif
    Over 30 years of expertise in designing products for the modern cigar aficionado has solidified HumiDif as an industry leader. Cutting edge designs continue to be a staple of the company as it helps push the boundaries of cigar accessories into the future. If you want style, reliability and function mixed into one unique expression, then check out HumiDif's HR Barcelona humidors and other offerings today.

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