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Display Humidor angled

Display Humidor angled

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Display Humidor Angled

The elegant table humidor, Display Humidor Angled, captivates with its beautiful wood grain. Its glass lid provides a clear view of the cigars, while an integrated hygrometer on the lid allows for easy external humidity monitoring.

  • Interior Organization: The humidor features two dividers to neatly organize cigars. Not only do these dividers ensure a clear organization, but they also create visually appealing accents in presenting your cigars.

  • Convenient Drawer: On the back, there is a drawer housing the included humidifier and providing additional space for accessories such as a necessary cigar cutter or lighter.

  • Ventilation System: The back panel, where the cigars rest, is equipped with ventilation holes. This design guarantees that the humidifier's moisture reaches the entire space, keeping the cigars in optimal condition.

  • Secure Closure: The drawer is securely closed with two magnets to protect accessories and maintain the desired humidity level.

  • Humidor Capacity: Estimated to hold approximately 75 cigars in common formats. Product images showcase the humidor with 30 cigars for illustrative purposes.

  • Perfect for Display: With its glass lid, the humidor is especially suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, weddings, and other events. It is also ideal for enthusiasts who appreciate keeping their prized cigars in view.

  • Hydration Maintenance: The humidifier should always be filled with distilled water to ensure proper moisture regulation.

  • Weight and Dimensions: Weighing 1886 grams, the humidor measures 29.5 x 18 x 19 cm, providing a stylish and functional storage solution for your cigar collection.

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with the Display Humidor Angled. Whether used professionally or privately, this humidor was designed to showcase and preserve your cigar collection with style.

Equipped with hygrometer:
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
75 cigars
Exterior finish:
Included dividers:
Number of drawers:
1886 g
EAN code:

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 19 Jan 2024

This is my FIRST humidor that I have bought. I have to say after doing a lot of research on humidors, I am very happy with this humidor. Of course, that's putting it lightly, but it is tight and has kept the humidity at around 70% for a very long time now. I must say I am very satisfied with it.