Square Glass Ashtray for 2 Cigars

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When discerning cigar connoisseurs want quality items for their cigar experience, they turn to John Aylesbury, a consortium of Germany’s finest tobacconists, manufacturers, and purveyors of fine accessories. One example of these luxurious offerings is the Square Glass Ashtray 2 Cigars.

This perfectly symmetrical glass ashtray will upgrade any décor with a style that is all at once opulent, sophisticated, and modern. Just shine a little light on it and watch it glow. This ashtray is a great option for a cigar lounge setting or anywhere you wish to entertain guests over a good conversation and great smokes.

The ashtray features two separate cigar rests cut into the glass as well as two separate bowls. Each deep, circular bowl gives you and a fellow cigar aficionado a dedicated space with plenty of room to accumulate ash. This makes for a cleaner, more efficient ashtray that is sure to enhance your enjoyment of the overall cigar smoking experience.

With its harmonious and elegant glass design, the Square Glass Ashtray for 2 Cigars will make for a most pleasing addition to your home, office, or other cigar smoking space. Lift every one of your cigar escapes to new heights and get yours today.
Item ID: 523538
EAN code: 4260327153902
Stirrups: 2 cigars
Color: Transparent
Coating: None
Material: Glass
Type: Cigar ashtray
Brand: John Aylesbury
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