adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black
adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black

adorini Carrara L - Deluxe Humidor Black

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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
As masters of the piano and legendary lovers of cigars, George Gershwin, Arthur Rubinstein, and even Avo Uvezian are often remembered for tickling the keys with a cigar clenched tightly in their teeth. These legends indeed enjoyed their fair share of cigars while sitting at a luxurious grand piano, so each would have been most assuredly drawn to the sumptuous high-gloss piano finish of the adorini Carrara L Deluxe Humidor Black.

This stunning humidor glistens with its multi-lacquered black finish and elegantly rounded sides, while a felt bottom makes it ideal for placing in a place of honor no matter the surface. Just like a beautiful grand piano, however, this exceptional treasure isn’t just for looks. Raising the lid reveals a feature-packed interior that will keep each of your cigars in prime condition. Steamed and kiln-dried Spanish cedar veneer lines the interior to create the perfect environment for your cigars. Adorini’s RibTech ventilation ribs keep air circulating throughout further optimizing the condition of every cigar, which can be efficiently organized with adorini’s innovative divider system and divider label clips. A handy storage tray featuring AirVent, another adorini specialty, ensures airflow remains unimpeded. The tray is also designed to work in unison with next-generation electronic humidifiers to give you all the cigar storing versatility you need for years to come.

A precision hair hygrometer makes it easy for you to keep an eye on humidity that is held in perfect harmony by an acryl polymer based Deluxe gold-plated humidifier. Adjustable ventilation openings on the humidifier let you hone in on the ideal humidity levels to suit your tastes. Both the humidifier and hygrometer are held in place by magnets which attach to a metal plate hidden beneath the cedar veneer for a pleasingly unobtrusive look.

The Carrara L Deluxe Humidor Black’s beautiful finish, solid construction, extensive features, and lifetime warranty give you the peace of mind that all of your up to 150 Corona-size cigars will be appropriately maintained. So you can spend your time sitting back and enjoying the finer things in life.
Capacity for up to 150 corona cigars.
What we like
  • High gloss finish.
What we dislike
  • Black high gloss lacquers need to be treated with care as they are easily scratched.
  • One of the few large sized adorini humidors that comes without a lock because of the minimalist design.

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EAN code:
Item ID:
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
7.5 in x 12.4 in x 5.3 in
Inner width tray:
6.9 in
Inner height tray:
0.9 in
Adorini life-time warranty
Exterior finish:
High gloss
Interior lining:
Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Exterior veneer:
Painted lacquer
Dimensions (H x W x D):
6.1 in x 14.6 in x 9.7 in
Number of trays:
Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Included dividers:
Inner length tray:
12.2 in
Made of:

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 4.1/5   (7 Ratings)
 57% (4 Ratings)
 14% (1 Rating)
 14% (1 Rating)
 14% (1 Rating)
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 18 Mar 2019

Great humidor. All specifications are as stated. Looks very stylish. I lower the rating due to the fact that scratches are visible on the lacquer coating due to improper care!! PS.: To Rostov-on-Don, the parcel took more than 3 weeks.

 27 Jul 2018

Humidor with a very nice finish. I'm satisfied with the product.

 12 Jan 2021
 06 Aug 2020
 26 Jul 2018
 23 Jun 2014
 13 Jun 2014