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Vitolario de Habanos Cigar gauge

Vitolario de Habanos Cigar gauge


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Vitolario de Habanos - Cuban Cigar Guide

Immerse yourself in the authentic world of Cuban cigars with the Vitolario de Habanos – the ultimate guide for Cuban cigars. This unique product serves as a true treasure trove for cigar enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive display of every cigar format ever produced in Cuba.

Key Features:

  • Cuban Cigar Guide: The Vitolario de Habanos features an impressive life-sized fan display of every existing cigar format. Explore the diversity of formats and gain a visual insight into the rich selection of Cuban cigars.

  • Brand Names and History: In addition to detailed illustrations, the Vitolario includes the corresponding brand names. Learn more about the traditions and passions that make each cigar unique.

  • Manufacturing Style: Detailed information about the manufacturing style of each cigar is provided. Discover whether they are 100% hand-rolled or partially machine-made. Gain insights into the art and craftsmanship behind each cigar.

  • Leaflets with Historical Details: Each Cuban cigar brand is dedicated to an informative leaflet presenting historical details (These texts are in Spanish). Immerse yourself in captivating background stories and anecdotes that make each brand a unique experience.

  • Strength Classification: Find out which cigars align with your preferred strength. The Vitolario de Habanos offers a comprehensive strength classification for all Cuban cigar brands, helping you make the perfect selection based on your taste.

  • Ring Gauge Gauge: Perfect your knowledge with a ring gauge gauge, allowing you to accurately measure the diameters of the cigars. An indispensable tool for connoisseurs and those aspiring to become one.

Discover the secrets and fascinating diversity of Cuban tobacco with the Vitolario de Habanos – a must-have for cigar enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone eager to experience the world of cigars in its full splendor.

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