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Makassar Humidor


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Renowned for its beautiful colors and grain, exotic makassar is used for some of the world’s most luxurious humidors. The Makassar Humidor here perfectly combines the opulence of makassar wood with contemporary styling and value for the ultimate option for everyday aficionados.

This creation accentuates the makassar’s alternating light and dark grain with a high-gloss piano finish. A chrome-plated handle and matching feet combine with the humidor’s elongated shape to create a pleasingly sophisticated look that will upgrade the décor of any home or office.

The humidor’s interior features a Spanish cedar lining complete with two dividers, which will allow you to better organize up to 25 Corona-size cigars. A round acrylic polymer humidifier attaches to the underside of the lid, ensuring your cigars are kept in optimal humidity. You need only add distilled water. There is also plenty of room for you to add a hygrometer to keep a better eye on humidity levels.

The Makassar Humidor’s stunning look, flexibility to customize, and great value make it a crowd-pleaser of the highest order. Give your cigars a proper home and enhance or expand your cigar space today with the Makassar Humidor. Upgrade with a precision hair hygrometer for accurate humidity level readings.

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