Davidoff Humidor Primos Macassar

Davidoff Humidor Primos Macassar


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There is perhaps no more prestigious name in the cigar world than Davidoff of Geneva. From super-premium cigars to the finest of cigar accessories, Davidoff is the favored choice of those wanting opulence in both form and function. Nowhere is this better represented than with the Davidoff Primos Humidor Macassar.

Exotic Macassar wood, a type of Indonesian ebony, offers a dark and luxuriously rich grain that is beautifully showcased with this high gloss French-made treasure. Flattened edges give a little extra flair to the modern design of the humidor, just another example of Davidoff’s legendary eye for detail. Heavy-duty quadrant hinges supply a sturdy and smooth opening and closing motion. Opening the lid reveals an interior of African okoume, a wood that has almost no aroma, thereby ensuring the tobacco notes of your cigars remain uninfluenced by the wood’s properties.

The smallest desktop model in the Davidoff line of humidors, this gem is packed with many of the features you will find in its bigger cousins, including Davidoff’s self-regulating humidifier. This unit will deliver optimal humidity control for up to 25 to 35 cigars, keeping them preserved in a consistent environment so you will never need a hygrometer or endlessly worry about the state of your cigars. The humidifier attaches to the underside of the lid via magnets, making it quick and easy to top it off whenever the occasional fill is required. Four dividers are also included, giving you the flexibility to separate and sort your cigars with greater ease.

Davidoff assembles craftspeople at the peak of their powers and puts the very best designs and high-quality materials at their disposal. The result is a catalog filled with some of the finest humidors in the world. The Davidoff Primos Humidor Macassar is one of the finer examples that has made it a favorite with discerning cigar lovers everywhere.
Capacity for up to 25-35 corona cigars.

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Exterior finish:
High gloss
Included dividers:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Material of humidor case:
Material inside veneer:
Cedar wood
Material exterior veneer:
280 mm
9.4 in
4.5 in
1500 g
Item ID:
EAN code:
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