Siglo Seki Cutter Tan


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While many cigar cutters available today try to wow you with complex designs and gadgetry, the original purpose of the cutter is often lost: to deliver a clean and precise cut without damaging the cigar. The designers behind the Siglo series of premium accessories have stripped cigar cutting down to its most primal essence with the Siglo Seki Cutter.

The cutter’s minimalist design features the finest blades from the master sword-makers of Seki, the Japanese City of Swords. Renowned for forging the world’s finest samurai swords, these craftspeople turn their abilities to forging an incredibly sharp, angled steel blade. A hole in the center of the blade reduces surface contact and drag, making it ideal for slicing through cigars cleanly with little damage to the leaf. A large aperture lets you cut the largest of cigars with confidence.

A tan leather handle and matching leather pouch add a contemporary flair to the cutter’s slender slim profile. Its sleek design makes it an ideal pocket cutter and is even slim enough to fit in a wallet.

The Siglo Seki Cutter is a perfect blend of no-nonsense functionality, powerful cutting action, portability, and sophistication. That is a winning combination that you do not want to miss.
Cutter type: Single blade cutter
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Brown
Brand: Siglo
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