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Cigar Oasis Humidifier XL II

Cigar Oasis Humidifier XL II

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Cigar Oasis XL II Electronic Humidifier for Cabinet Humidors in Black

Immerse your precious cigars in a world of optimal freshness and storage with the Cigar Oasis XL II Electronic Humidifier. This elegant device is specifically designed to create the perfect conditions for your cigars in a cabinet humidor. Presented in stylish black, it combines performance, precision, and user-friendliness to ensure that your cigars are always in the best condition.


  • Sponge-Based Humidification Technology: The Cigar Oasis XL II utilizes advanced sponge-based humidification technology, ensuring a constant and even humidity in your cabinet humidor.

  • Integrated Fans for Optimal Air Circulation: Two powerful fans are integrated into the device to provide efficient air circulation throughout the cabinet. This ensures that every corner of your humidor receives the same high-quality humidification.

  • External Display for Easy Monitoring: The external display allows you to read the humidity at a glance, giving you full control over the microclimate of your cigar collection.

  • Recalibration for Highest Precision: If necessary, you can easily recalibrate the humidifier to ensure it maintains the highest precision in humidity regulation.

  • European Plug for Convenient Power Supply: The Cigar Oasis XL II comes with a European plug for easy integration into your power supply.

  • Low Water Level Warning: The external display lights up to warn you when the water level in the 1.5-liter tank is low. This allows you to maintain control over the water level and refill the device in a timely manner.

  • Easy to Fill and Maintain: Filling the 1.5-liter tank is simple and convenient, allowing you to focus on what matters most—enjoying your cigars.

  • Compact Dimensions for Easy Integration: With dimensions of 33 cm x 16 cm x 17 cm, the Cigar Oasis XL II effortlessly fits into your cabinet humidor without taking up valuable space.

Trust in the proven performance of the Cigar Oasis XL II to preserve your cigar collection in a state of optimal freshness and flavor integrity. Invest in the future of your enjoyment and get the Cigar Oasis XL II Electronic Humidifier today.

Digital User Manual

The digital user manual is available in the Download section.

Interior humidifier material:
Humidity range:
60-80 % relative humidity
330 mm
6.7 in
6.3 in
Cigar Oasis
EAN code:

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