Xikar Double Blade Cutter Xi3 Titanium Black

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Utilizing the finest cutting-edge materials available, the Xikar Xi3 Double Blade Cutter Titanium Black is a heavy-duty precision cutting tool perfect for any situation. The stainless-steel housing has been coated in dark titanium nitride, which not only lends a sharp modern look but a highly durable, long-lasting finish.

Beneath this unique finish still lies the trademark Xi teardrop design featuring two high-quality 440 stainless steel blades. Each blade carries a Rockwell C rating of 57, meaning each is as hard and as well-honed as you will ever need. When you are ready to use this razor-sharp cutter, all it takes is just one slide of the thumb to unlock the spring-loaded blades and have it ready for action. Capable of cutting a 54-ring gauge cigar in half, the cutter’s aperture is large enough to handle cigars as big as a 58-ring gauge, further adding to the Xi3’s versatility.

Rock-solid, reliable, and complete with a lifetime warranty, the Xikar Xi3 Double Blade Cutter is simply a winning choice for any cigar lover.
EAN code: 813463011472
Model: A495
Origin of blades: Solingen/germany
Brand: Xikar
Max. ring gauge: 54
Color: Black
Number of blades: 2
Hardness of blade: 57 on rockwell scale
Material of blades: Stainless steel
Item ID: 1300stk
Category: Double blade cutter
Made of: Stainless steel

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