Xikar 2 Double Blade Cutter Xi2 White

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  • Xi2 cigar cutter model made by Xikar. High-quality cutter made of a plastic-fiberglass composite housing with two stainless steel blades. This cutter can cut cigars with a ring size of up to 54 with ease, leaving a smooth, clean cut.
EAN code:4260128729276
Hardness of blade:56 on rockwell scale
Dimensions (H x W x D):11 mm x 46 mm x 79 mm
Product weight:44 g
Maximum size of cigar:54
Item ID:1200WH
Category:Double blade cutter
Material of blades:Stainless steel
Made of:ABS plastic

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Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
(10 Ratings)
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